Date: 2018-06-27

For decades, long black hair has become an immortal symbol of Vietnamese women. The feminine beauty of Vietnamese women in Áo Dài with long black hair has leaved such a deep impression on international friends that they immediately think about Vietnam human hair when someone mentions Vietnam.

However, socio-economic development and the contact with foreign cultures in the flow of time have changed a lot of things. Many Vietnamese women, especially young girls who are the most dynamic and adaptable begin to use a large range of hair services like cutting, pressing, bending, dyeing or extension. There is no doubt that short hair brings us a feeling of youthfulness, freshness, modernity, personality and attractiveness which every girl wants to have. Also, having a short hair can help you to save a large number of different hair care products and you don’t need to get up too early in the morning to style for your Vietnam human hair. Furthermore, short hair is especially suitable for summer weather, when you have to deal with hot weather as well as prepare for summer trips. Let’s refer to some of the following Vietnam human hair styles to find out the best one for your face shape.

  1. Pixie hairstyle:

If you are a fan of the drama “She was pretty”, you must have been completely impressed with Go Joon Hee’s pixie hairstyle which has created “a fever” throughout Asia. Pixie haircut is easy and inexpensive to maintain. One more thing is that pixie hairstyle has never been out of fashion. This is a good choice for those with a strong personality.

  1. Maruko hairstyle:

Maruko hairstyle will make you look a few years younger. You look cute but still attractive. However, this hairstyle does not suit all face shapes, so you need to consider carefully before deciding to change your Vietnam human hair to Maruko hairstyle; otherwise you will look quite foolish.

  1. Short wavy hairstyle:

Short wavy hair tops the hair trends in 2018. This hairstyle is not only luxurious but also charming. It can’t be denied that short wavy hair is not too picky about faces. In addition, it suits many types of bangs. With short wavy hair , you had better use your fingertips rather than a comb when you comb your Vietnam remy hair.

  1. Bob hairstyle:

Bob hairstyle is considered as the style that are the least picky about faces by many professional hair designers. Moreover, you will find it easy to mix and match clothing with bob hair. As a result, bob hairstyle is always one of the most chosen styles for all ages.

Hope those four suggestions can help you to choose the most suitable hairstyle for this summer.

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