The advantage of using hair extension made from human hair

Date: 2018-07-28

Hair extension can be made from both synthetic and real human hair. In fact, the hair extension made from synthetic Vietnam hair will be much cheaper. However, why human hair extensions are still more popular? You will find out the answer below.


Easy to style

Unlike synthetic hair which is very easy to damaged when styled with styling machine because the fiber can be melt. Human Vietnam hair can be straighten and made curls freely like your natural hair. Beside, it can be dyed or bleached to match perfectly with your hair color because the cuticle is not tripped off when processing. Human hair extension can last for a long time and remain the natural look even with frequent using.

Easy to wash

While synthetic hair can not be washed and treated like natural Vietnam hair, human hair can be. After using, the hair will be dirty, then washing will help the hair always look shiny and smooth.

Come in different sources

Since the hair is collected from donors all over the world, you can choose a type of hair which is best suit with your own Vietnam hair. Some popular sources include Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese, Brazilian, Indian and Malaisian. Depending on the features of your hair to select the best one. And remember that the hair that you choose should match your ethnicity to give the most natural look.

Easy to Aligned

Human hair extensions are extremely easy to aligned to suit the style that you want. They have a perfect thickness with a smooth and silky touch, that is the reason why it has a higher price than synthetic hair. However, if counted, it is still cheaper than synthetic hair because it last longer and nicer. If a synthetic Vietnam virgin hair can be used for 1 year, human hair extensions can last 3 times more. And the others can not relize that you are using hair extension since it totally look like your natural hair. Beside, it’s important to choose a trusted manufacture to make sure that you get 100% human hair extensions, not contain silicon or rubber. APO Hair is a good hair supplier that you can trust to buy Vietnamese and Cambodian hair.

So, if you are wondering to choose a synthetic or Vietnam hair extension, you can make the decision now, right!

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