Date: 2018-08-29

Birthday is one of the most important days in each person life. By celebrating the birthday for everyone in the Company, we hope that will bring joyful moments and create happy memories. Apohair is not just only a work place but also where each person is cared and feels like their second home. This is a chance to get to know more about people around us as well as build a strong teamwork. Let’s cheer up for all of our members who born in this beautiful August.



Today, 28th August 2018, Apo Import Export Joint Stock Company has celebrated birthday party for six of our staffs. They are Mr.Toan Tony – CEO of the company, Ms.My Lily, Hang Sandra, Ha Taylor, Linh Lucia and Thuy Anna. This is a precious time for us to not only share the sweet treats but also share our stories, our memories together.




Celebrating birthday party for our staffs every single month is one of Apo traditions. In one month, all the people who were born in that month will share a birthday party only. We do this to save our company budget which can be used for other activities of the company and also to gather our staff together. Doing like this will help them come closer, get to know more about one another and create the solidarity among them. As a result, they will work more effectively and cooperate with each other more. Besides, more people will create a more dynamic atmosphere. You know, the more the merrier.




The birthday party will have cakes, fruits and drinks. We gather together in the office, enjoying the food and share our stories. This is like the chance get to know each other, so everyone looks comfortable and relaxing. Some of the staffs sing some funny songs to warm up the atmosphere. Everybody seems so happy.



Monthly birthday party in Apohair Company is a great tradition. It makes people come closer and understand each other more. We hope that this activity of the company will help our staffs to have a good time and they will work more effectively.


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