Beautiful hair dying colors for virgin human hair in summer 2017

Date: 2017-05-29

Summer is the time that most of girls or women would like to dye their hair to become more shining in sunshine. If you still have no idea of what color to dye your virgin human hair, let consider some following suggestions to have the best suitable hair color and keep up with current hair trend.

It can be seen that the current hair trend is not impressively bright colors such as red purple, moss green or female lemon yellow. 2017 is the year of natural hair colors, especially brown tones like brown chestnut, brownish bronze, deep brown.

Ombre dyed hair is becoming more and more popular


Ombre is a French term that describe the color transition from pale to bold, bright to dark or vice versa. Nowadays, ombre is becoming a popular dying technique in fashion. This trend never stops impressing fashion followers. It was quite widespread in the 70s, and ruled the roost at fashion catwalks. Along with the return of traditional trends like retro – vintage, Ombre color trend for virgin human hair is coming back and promises to explode in this year’s summer. The smooth color transition makes hair color more special, virtual as well as makes girls more attractive.

The noteworthy thing of this ombre hair color is that it is suitable for any skin color as long as you choose color carefully. Ombre hair is easy to keep color rather than highlight dying hair since it is based on natural color, then changes to brighter color at the ends of the hair. Therefore, you do not need to dye immediately when your virgin human hair is longer, since hair tail still keeps dying color. However, ombre color is quite picky in hairstyle. It is the most suitable for trimmed hair or wavy hair, but not suitable for straight hair. Because it requires bleaching at the ends of the hair before dying, it can easily damage straight hair.



Moss-green is a new hair color, which brings hair fashion followers the newest images. This color is chosen mostly by many girls. Moss-green or moss-brown is not familiar tone but a very worthwhile option for active girls. If you want to have appearance new but still suitable for your skin, moss-brown is a not bad suggestion. You also can combine dye combre for your virgin human hair to have a perfect appearance.

Moss-green is currently ruling the roost, so if you are fond of this strange and bright tone, let have a try on this beautiful dying hair color.

Balayage dying hair is forecast to be crowned in summer 2017


Balayage is the type of dying hair which has the same dying technique as ombre hair but it is natural and feminine than ombre hair. Balayage was invested by 2 French brothers Balayage and it has quickly become popular.

Balayage means that hair dyer does not divide hair layer, he directly put color into some positions on your virgin human hair then mixes them to create natural hair color variation. However, this hairstyle requires a skillful hair dyer since the careless one is likely to damage your hair.


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