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Keep your vietnamese hair – Human hair extensions

Hair dye has been considered as a must for beauty of many women. However, they often complain that the hair color is just beautiful and remains the original color within one or two weeks. After that, it will be faded or darken. Then how do you keep your hair color for a long time? Let’s vietnam hair see the secret below.

keep-your-hair-byed color-durable-by-few-by-few-steps-vietnam-hair

Choose the right shampoo for dyed hair, vietnam hair

You will be surprised that SPF is not just for the skin but it is extremely useful for our hair. Because, without sun protection ingredients, ultraviolet rays will easily penetrate the epidermis and oxidize or bleach the hair, vietnam hair. So, in order to protect your hair, you have to choose suitable shampoo with SPF 12 or more.
In addition, choosing a shampoo and conditioner with the same type will also help with maintain hair color. In case you can not choose a satisfied shampoo, please mix 1/2 cup of water into 1 teaspoon of SPF 25 sunscreen, then stir in the spray and use after shampoo to have the same effect.

Wash your vietnam human hair properly

The first rule that you should not ignore is not to shampoo and scratch hard in the first 3 days of dyeing. This will help you minimize allergies caused by the dyes as well as keeping the new layer of color to stick deeper on hair cells. Besides, you should not wash your hair with too hot water, in stead, you should choose warm or cold water.

keep-your-hair-byed color-durable-by-few-by-few-steps-vietnam-hair-2

While shampooing, do not just shampoo directly with the flushing spout. For best rerult, you should pour out the water in the pot or use a filter on the shower.

Limit vietnamese hair drying

Regular hair-drying vietnam hair also causes the hair broken and faded. So, just when really needed, you should use the dryer in cool mode.

Use hair nourishing mask

For some popular hair-dyed colors, you should use vietnamese hair,a hair nourishing, mask to create a long lasting color.
– Brown / Black Hair: After shampooing your hair thoroughly, apply black coffee over your hair, combing massage lightly for 3 minutes from the top to the end of your hair and then rinse off with warm water. You should do this about once a week.
– Blonde Hair: Put a half of the ripe strawberry into the diluted hydrogen peroxide and keep for 20 seconds, then apply the mixture to the hair before dyeing, vietnam hair to keep the color lasting longer.

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