Tired of waiting your hair to grow? While here and there are many gorgeous hairstyles that you can’t wait to put on? Don’t worry. Our Cambodia Virgin hair - no mix extensions are right here for your eases.  Our Cambodian Virgin hair - nomix hair extensions are from 100% healthy Cambodian woman with standard quality. These hairs also come from 100% Remy hair which all cuties are facing in the same direction. Virgin hair - nomix hair extensions comes from one donor, there’s no shedding as well as no tangle in any of our hair extensions.


“A great hairstyle is the girl best accessory”, with our Our Cambodia Virgin hair - no mix extensions, you will have endless way to change your hair into any style that boosts up your beauty the most. Our Virgin hair – nomix extensions are incredible to form in any styles or dye in various possible colors. From light shade to dark shade, from curl to straight, there is a long-list looks to create just by your own imagination. Your wish to try on versatile brilliant hairstyles will be granted. These natural hair extensions come flawlessly with your own hair and bring to your hair a dazzling attractive look.

As our motto “Reputation is more valuable than gold”, APOHAIR now are one of the biggest companies in hair extensions industry internationally. We provide the high quality hair extensions products to everyone around the world. With these Cambodia Virgin hair - nomix extensions you’ll experience many beautiful charming hairstyles. Our hair extensions products are 100% unprocessed virgin hair with standard quickly delivers. As well as return, exchange without hassle and professional hair care training services. It’s our pleasure to bring jolly time to each customer.