Asian has been established their beauty hair trade mark as smooth long elegant black hair. Along with Vietnamese hair, APOHAIR also provides Cambodian hair with first rate quality. Cambodian hair extensions of APOHAIR are 100% Remy hair that has all the cuties laying the same directions. Our Cambodian hair extensions are from healthy Cambodian woman and 100% human natural hair. You can have endless chances to put on any appealing hairstyles with our hair extensions in no time.


“Everything is possible” this term is perfectly true with our APOHAIR hair extensions products. Cambodian hairs from APOHAIR have wide range of types, textures in any lengths and colors that will satisfy all customers’ needs. We have hair extensions products design in numerous kinds, such as: Weft machine, Tape hair, Clip in hair, Closure and so on. With our hair extensions, changing hairdos is not your concerned any more. Just by few steps, you will turn to another long flowing classic yet attractive straight hair. Or in another favorite hair color of your dream, you can try just in a minute.


With every steps of developing through last 25 years, we are inspired by our motto - “Reputation is more valuable than gold”.  Each of our hair extensions products is create from the desire to bring the best to our customers with happy time using it. Your time spending with APOHAIR products will be memorable with happiness. We deliver hair extensions globally, with quick methods without any problems and simple to exchange. Our top concerned and inspiration always is the customers’ jolly time of using APOHAIR products.