Date: 2018-06-29

Together with a seductive smile, beautiful hair is a plus point helping you look more attractive in others’ eyes. Nevertheless, not all of us know how to take care of our Vietnam hair correctly. Hera are some common mistakes that you can make when using shampoo:

Use too much shampoo at a time

The amount of shampoo that you use each time you wash your Vietnam hair is based on how thick or thin your hair is. Nevertheless, hair experts recommend not using too much shampoo at a time because the shampoo left in your Vietnam hair can make you feel itching on your scalp. Moreover, phthalete, a toxic chemical which helps to keep the scent and soften your Vietnam hair, can be sound in some kinds of shampoo. Notably, phthalete can cause infertility in women.

According to Michelle Phan, who is best known for her videos of fashion and beauty on Youtube, “After fully wetting your hair, use a dime sized amount of shampoo to lather the underneath side of your hair first”.

Believe that the more expensive the shampoos are, the better

Remember that play only a small role in determining the quality of the products in general and the quality of shampoos in particular. Do not just look for shampoos from world-famous brands such as Russan Amber Imperial, Alterna Ten, Unite U Luxur or Acqua Di Parma because maybe this kind of shampoo is good for this person but it can damage the others’ hair. Each kind of shampoo is made from different ingredients which have different functions. For instance, people with dry hair shouldn’t use shampoos for oily hair, people who suffer from dandruff should use dandruff shampoos, people getting split ends should use shampoos which have the ability to stop split ends.  To conclude, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind when buying shampoo for yourself is whether it suits your Vietnam hair or not.

Switch your shampoo continually

Some people think that constant shampoo change can help your Vietnam remy hair to be stronger. However, the fact is that it can lead to pruritic scalp or even tinea capitis because your scalp as well as your Vietnam hair is tired of having to adapt to this change. As proven by many hair experts , you had better stick with the shampoo that you can see its effectiveness.

Apply shampoo on your Vietnam hair when it is dry

It is considered as one of the most common mistakes of Vietnamese women when washing their Vietnam hair. What about you? Do you often apply shampoo on your dry Vietnam hair?

If yes, it must be the reason why your Vietnam hair becomes dry, fibrous and fragile. Before applying shampoo, you need to wet your Vietnam virgin hair by warm water for one minute to remove the big pieces of dirt from your Vietnam hair.

Hope that this writing is helpful for you to use shampoo reasonably.

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