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Date: 2015-08-18

Hi, and welcome to APO Hair Extension where Human natural homeland that’s all about loving your best accessory of your hair.

I’m Mia . I’m Executive Sale From APO hair company, Today I would like to introduce APO CURLY HAIR EXTENSIONS to all.Do you love your hair? I can tell you that, for years and years, You hated your hair. Then You had a haircut that changed your life. Right? Why don’t you chose one of style curly hair extensions? The best choice for Autumn Winter is CURLY HAIR EXTENSIONS from APO. I believe our hair is your best accessory.

deep curly

Deep curly hair extensions


This is APO Curly hair, it is a good hair day and Do you love it? Why don’t you order APO curly hair extensions now to get it? Then, You will be beautiful more with our hair. Let I guide some steps to care Curly hair extensions for being kept long time as:

Wash hair well with a sulphate free shampoo & conditioner. I really believe sulphate free is the way to go for curly or dry hair, You should use Original & Mineral Hydrate and Conquer.

Gently squeeze out water with your hands and gently towel dry. You should never rub curly hair with a towel as it breaks up my curls.

Curly hair extensions

Apply Moroccanoil to hair, concentrating on the midlengths to ends

Apply a curl cream, this time You can used Evo Liquid Rollers curl cream.

You should also used a bit of Moroccanoil volumising curl mousse.

Flip you hair back and let it fall into your natural partline. You can then twist any curls that aren’t that well formed and use the diffuser to dry your hairline to give a bit more lift at the front.

Apply a serum and this time you can be used Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic. This tames all the frizz and shapes and defines my curls.

That seems like a lot of steps but it only takes less than 30 minutes to do. You can do it in under 20 minutes , You will have a lovely Curly hair extensions everyday.

Come to APO, touch APO Hair, and Love APO more.

Thanks all

Author by Mia.apohair

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