Daily activities in our company

Date: 2018-09-26

In our company, the activity of chatting and consulting our customers is very dynamic. We are always eager to help our customers to find their high quality products which are also suitable for them.

In Apohair, we always believe that selling our products successfully is important; however, making our customers happy with our products and service is even more important. So, we concentrate on some of the customer care activities as listed below:

Video call our customers

Video call will help us know whether our customers are satisfied with our products or not. Also, it is the chance that we can show them the products that we have vividly and lively. By doing this, a lot of our customers can see the hair extensions carefully and they will decide to buy the product.

Check the order

When the hair extensions arrives to our office, we start to check it out. We make sure there will be no flaws or mistakes in producing process so that our customers can get the best products. If the products are bad, we will not send it to our customers.

Packing the products

After checking the stuffs, we start to pack it up in order to send it to our customers. The hair extensions will be packed carefully so that they will not be affected by shipping process.

These are some of the activities we do to help our customers get the best products and service. We are pleased to help you, so please contact us.

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