Different from Brazilian to Vietnamese hair

Date: 2018-03-05

As Indian, Malaysia…Vietnam is one of the largest human hair markets in the world. Many suppliers and factory from Vietnam as Apo hair, Mc Sara, Beequeenhair…can supply Good quality vietnamese hair in bulk.

Vietnamese hair

It’s the most versatile and readily available on the market at the moment. The hair density is very fine. Hair pieces are so strong and very thick. It’s naturally airy, light and bouncy and can easily be curled and styled. Vietnamese hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends well with most hair textures. This hair texture can be found ranging from silky to lightly coarse. This hair will swell and become frizzy in humid weather and in foggy conditions. Anti-frizz products are highly suggested.

Brazilian hair

Brazilian Hair is the most sought after texture on the market right now. This hair is used diversely because of its softness, durability and density. This texture is easiest to blend with most ethnicities from some Caucasian textures to African American relaxed textures. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and
natural shine.

Because of the density of Brazilian hair, you may not want to use as many bundles as you would normally use with other textures to create a full look. Due to its natural density, with this hair, less is more. Also because of its density, it is less likely to frizz than other hair types like Malaysian or Indian Hair. Brazilian hair will also hold curls longer than
Indian or Malaysian textures. This hair is extremely versatile Different vietnamese hair.

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