cabello liso cosido camboyano 100% completa punta 30-70cm

De precios: Lista

1.       100% cabello humano virgen, no quimico, no tenido
2.       Suave, brillo, liso
3.       No proceso,no piojos, sin derramamiento
4.       No hay corto cabello mezclado
5.       El longtitud de cabello: de 10 pulgadas a 40 pulgadas. Colores son


Cambodian same length hair from APO Hair is made from hair with the same size, no short hair in a bundle. The hair tip is as full as the hair top.

It is full cuticles and in the same direction, no tangle or shedding. The hair is very suitable for woman who want to own a full head with super thickness.

We supply the hair with full colors and textures, you will look grate with this same length hair, it is perfect for a human hair extensions.

Cambodian hair extensions can be styled any way you like. Whether you want to flat iron it to a sleek straight look or create bold curls, you can do it all with with these high quality extensions.

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