cabelo ondulado costurado cinza natural

De precios: Lista

1.       100% cabello humano virgen, no quimico, no tenido
2.       Suave, brillo, liso
3.       No proceso,no piojos, sin derramamiento
4.       No hay corto cabello mezclado
5.       El longtitud de cabello: de 10 pulgadas a 40 pulgadas. Colores son: negro, casta

A standard bundle of Double drawn hair will contain the majority of longer hairs and removed shorter hairs.

This mean that the hair extensions are very thick right to the top, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease.

Double drawn hair is a perfect choice if the hair you are after is that of volume and glamour

Of course, Double drawn hair is a bit more expensive than single drawn hair. In order to provide you with the best quality hair on the market, APO Hair provide both single and double drawn hair.


1.      Material: Selected Top Quality 100% Vietnam human hair.

2.      Style Straight hair, light wavy hair

3.      Length: From 12 inches to 40 inches

4.      Color: Black or Dark Brown

5.      N.W: 90g,/100g/105g/110g/115g/120g  per piece.

6.      Min order: For sample order, you can order any quantity you want, for real order, at least 0.5 kg

7.      Delivery time: 3-5 days after received your payment by UPS/FEDEX/DHL or Cargo carrier

8.      Payment: By L/C, T/T, Western union, Money Gram, PAYPAL

What should I know about Double drawn hair?

As you probably know, Double drawn hair is the hair which contains more long hair than short hair in one bundle. Actually, there are almost the same length strands. That is why the hair is equally thick from the top to the end of hair.

Our Vietnamese hair is now used all over the world. It is famous for its self-explanatory beauty, healthiness and reasonable price. All of our Vietnam human hair is made of 100% Virgin human hair – no mix, so it has nothing to do with the chemical substance. Our customers can use the hair without any health concerns. You will become a gorgeous girl with our hair extensions.

Speaking of our Vietnamese hair extensions reminds me of all the hair that we have. Frankly, Apohair now has four main hair standards such as Single drawn hair, double drawn hair, Super high quality drawn hair and Euros standard drawn hair. Single drawn hair tends to thick in the top and thin in the end of hair as it contains both long and short hair.

Super high quality drawn hair and Euros standard drawn hair is somewhat same to double drawn hair but they are better than that. Due to the purpose and income of each person that they will choose different hair.

What are the main types of hair extensions?

Alongside with machine weft hair as you can see in the picture, Apohair still has many other types of hair for you to select. In terms of hair extensions, there are some types such as tape hair extensions, I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions). I-tip, U-tip, V-tip and flat tip hair extensions are what we have for tip hair. Clip in hair extensions are those attached with clips so that you can use easily.

Besides, we also have bulk hair which is basically tied with somes elastics. Bulk hair looks really natural and original, so people can buy bulk hair to make their own hair extensions and wigs.

Moreover, we also have Lace closure and Full lace wigs which are sewn into the lace. It can be a full-size lace or a rectangle lace for closure hair. These two types of hair are more convenient to use as you just need to wear it. A lot people tend to buy them to cover up their hair weakness.

What about the textures and colors?

Besides body wavy hair extensions, Apohair offers more than three textures. We have straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. Straight hair includes natural straight, yaki straight and kinky straight. Curly hair comprises of old curly, deep curly, romantic curly and fumi curly. Wavy hair which is believed to be the most beautiful hair, has body wavy, water body wavy and natural wavy. Customers who are interested in our products can search for it in our websites.

Color hair is also important to all of us. That is why we offer a wide range of colors for you. Black, brown, yellow, blonde, ombre color, mix color and highlight color.


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