Full lace wigs from APOHAIR are best choice for girls who want to change hair styles instantly. With our lace wigs, turning your hair in completely different looks is just in no time. By making of 100% human hair, our wigs are design without any chemicals related, the wigs is created in large range of texture, length and in any colors. From wavy to straight, dark to light shade or even trendy fashion colors, they are all ready to server your needs.


APOHAIR full lace wigs are the easiest way for you to reach an gorgeous look than your normal daily one. You can wash the wigs just like your own natural hair. Since the full lace wigs are from 100% Remy hair, they are tangle-free without any shedding. Therefore, they are ready for you to dye or change in any styles as you wish. Using our full wigs will fulfill your dream of having various elegant yet attractive appearances.


Having a lace wig hairstyle is truly a convenient way, especially when you lack confidence and in rush. Try it now to cover all the flaw that you might have and have a chance to be yourself again. Moreover, don’t forget that when having a wig, it can take more time to care about. You should use more care products which are specialize for processed human hair. Besides, remember to hydrate and condition your hair wigs just like your own natural hair daily to get the best result.