Genius ways to wear clip in hair extensions

Date: 2017-07-19

Hair extensions are considered to be women’s best friends because they help to add layers and thickness to your hair and make it appears lush and beautiful. Today, we are going to learn more creative ways on how to use hair extensions that you might have never seen before.

The very first thing is you have to choose the matching shade of hair extensions. Many women like to let their hair extensions simply down to get the bouncy and fancy look. Another option can be low ponytail with hair extensions. The great thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to clip hair extensions above your ear level since your hair will be tied back anyway, you don’t need to worry about blending in the top part of your hair. It makes the overlook of your hair look natural and seamless.


The next trick is to keep the low bun, twist your hair and wrap it around to get a big lush and beautiful bun. Hair extensions are perfect if you want to have a chunky fishtail braid. It will bring a great effect due to the thickness and bouncy look. A tip for you is you can totally clip your hair extensions in the middle of your brain while you do the braiding. This trick is perfect if you want to get longer braid without having longer hair extensions. The key is to clip the in the back of the braid so that they are hidden and then you want to pull out the bottom of the braid more than the top because the bottom of the braid will have less volume than the top. As a result, if you pull out the bottom more, it will give the illusion that it’s transitioning seamlessly.


Creating high ponytail of a bun and top knot is a very different theme though. Firstly, you should separate your hair into two parts at your ear level, clip the top part in and then clip your hair extensions upside down so that the clips are facing up that will ensure them to stay flat when you gather your hair in a bun. For the clip in a hair above your ear level, attach the hair facing down. After all of that, gather all your hair up and secure with an elastic. You can style it depending on your liking, for instance loosening up the hair around the crown area and wrapping a strand of hair around the elastic. By clipping hair extensions that way, there will be no visible weft and no one knows you are wearing clip ins. The other way you can do the same process to have a top bun or top knot out of your liking.


Another creative way to use hair extensions is by incorporating them into headband braid. The hair around your hairline and temples is usually a lot less dense than the rest of your hair so you can add up some thickness by clipping in a couple of once inch weft. What you can do first is to separate your hair from ear to ear then clip the hair extensions in with the same direction that you will braid your hair. Then off you go, braid the regular braid to create a headband braid as you like.

So these are some ways that you can use to clip your hair extensions depending on which hairstyles you want to do. We hope that this will be useful and help you in styling your hair using clip in hair.

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