Hacks for braids

Date: 2017-09-20

Summer time means sweaty and greasy hair. As for many girls, braiding is considered to be their best friend in summer time. Besides help you against oily hair, braids can save you from excess heat styling with curling irons, flat irons or blow-dryers which can obviously cause dryness and damage. There is a solution to it, you can use some hair products to moisturize while supporting your braid look. Here is the way you can do it.


Choose your favourite leave-in conditioner first. Get a small spray bottle and fill half of it with warm water and the rest with the conditioner. Shake it off before you applying it to your hair. You can use this mixture to both your wet and dry hair and braid your hair right after that. Once you spray the mixture on your hair and braid it, leave it there for 10 minutes to completely absorb and dry out a little. After this period of time, gently pull your hair and loosen them up. The conditioner works well as a kind of texturiser which style and keep your wavy in place. Your hair will be a bit wavy and the conditioner after drying out, it become a styling cream for your hair. When you go to rinse the conditioner out, you can feel how healthy and silky your hair is. Your hair is hydrated well and look fabulous. This trick will be great if you braid your hair before going to the gym or do anything sweaty. Once you finish this activity, all you need to do is to clean your hair off with water without really needing to shampoo.


An alternative can be using plain water. You also pour some water into a spray bottle and apply it to your hair before you want to braid it. Please make sure that, only use a bit that is enough to damp your real hair but not soak your hair into water. It is the best when you do it before heading to bed. Your hair in the morning after loosening it up will look absolutely fabulous. It is also a most effective way that you can totally use to give your hair some light waves in the next day without spending hour to style your hair with curling irons which damages and dry your hair out. So after pull your hair out, use some hair spray product to keep these waves in place. At the same time, if you are a busy bee, after spraying some water and braiding your hair, leave it for an hour in the morning while you are doing the make up or have breakfast. Then take it out and style it with hairspray, it will work the same but it will not last the whole day of course. But it’s worth a try if you don’t have a lot of time and don’t want to expose your hair with any excess heat.

So these are several hacks that work pretty well with braids. The plus thing is that they are simple and effective so don’t hesitate to try out.

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