Hair extensions

Date: 2017-03-09

You decided to buy hair extension to change your hairstyle. You may choose Vietnam hair, Cambodian hair… Today I will recommend you some ways to start with it.

  1. Decide on the kind of hair you want.Hair extensions come in two different makes: synthetic or human. Synthetic extensions are a man-made keratin/plastic mix that mimics the appearance of human hair. Human hair is donated by real people and repurposed into extensions. Human hair extensions also come in many grades, such as Vietnamese, Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, three of the most popular. All of the best grade and textures of human hair come in its most natural state, this allowing for straighten, curling and even coloring to a desired color level. natural Brazilian, Indian and Malaysian hair installs will have different grades of textures, such as wave (a natural formation throughout the weft), natural curl, (somewhat straight with natural body and fullness towards the ends and tight curl (the weft has a natural very tight ringlets ). When choosing human hair installs it is always best to use hair that is closest to your own natural texture, this will allow for smooth blending when installing your extensions.
  • Synthetic extensions do a very good job of mimicking the appearance of human hair, but lack some of the texture and sheen that natural hair maintains.
  • Human hair is much more expensive than synthetic hair, so look into it after testing out synthetic hair


2. Think about clip in hair extensions. These are either synthetic or human hair that are attached to a hair clip at the base which allow for temporary extensions to your hair.

  • These are the cheapest available hair extensions, and are also the easiest to install.
  • Clip-in extensions must be reapplied on a daily basis as they begin to fall out over the course of a day.

You may visits this link for human hair extensions from Vietnam:


  1. Consider fusion remy hair extensionsFusion extensions are synthetic or human hair that is treated at one end with either a special glue or keratin wax that is melted into your natural hair.
  • Fusion extensions are the longest lasting extensions, but are also significantly more expensive than clip-ins.
  • Although fusion extensions use heat, they are not too damaging to your natural hair. If you are afraid of damage, look into cold fusion extensions.
  • Because of the difficulty in applying fusion extensions yourself, for the best results have a friend or stylist apply them for you.


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