Date: 2018-08-23

Beauty is always a hot topic and how to keep your beauty last as much as it could is most concerned by all ladies out there. Hair can be the first thing attract the eyes when you meeting someone. And even there are many thousands tips and tricks to protect that beauty, we cannot win time. However just with a slight cut different on your hair, it can bring a magical that against time. Let’s check outs those hairstyles as below. They will remove effectively some ages out of you and turn to be fresher and younger look.

Bangs to that hair

“Bangs are great for any ages and for all hair types”, that saying from a celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of MANE Society – Tippi Shorter, is always true. Bangs can easily create in any kind of face shapes and hair types. With each characteristic, they can have their own way to cut the bang. However, just with some cautions, don’t trim it yourself. If you want to trim your bangs please take some professor touch. Even if you have experiences by trimming it by your own, Be careful is never enough, especially with your bangs. Take it slowly each by each to cut your own bang and don’t try to fix it yourself when things get worse. Stars like Halle Berry, Goldie Hawn and Goldie Hawn are rock this bang style. From long to short, these bangs have been successful to wow everyone and put aside some of their ages.

Bob to Lob

Even bob or lob, this style is classical loved by a reason. This style can works with anyone and simply to turn in with many textures. From curls to way, straight to just loose it down, this is based from the classic one length hair cut. This is also trendy and easy to apply with fine to thick hair. Those are reasons why this hairstyle is loved by many of Hollywood celebrities. What other thing that makes this standout is adjustable. It means that you can customize it to fit for your face shape. Even chin-length type, right under the chin or alongside with your ear, there are ways to cut it just fit as your face. The one who rock this style most is Penelope Cruz, Lucy Hale, Helen Mirren or Gayle King- extra by adding her bang.

Curl that up

This curl style is advised for all ages. The length is just about right above your shoulder. Take roundness to the end or full look is extra of this beauty hair. By adding some bang, this boosts up your younger look and makes your face smaller. From loose to deep curl, all of those are so popular. “It’s not the texture but lacking the volumes is taking your age”. That why this style is all good. By adding volumes to your hair, it creates a younger appearance. If your own hair are fine or thin, trying to install some curly hair extensions. This way will instantly change your hair looks. Vietnam hair extensions are natural so that they can combine flawlessly with your own hair and give a fuller younger looks, just as Margaret Avery, While Oprah, Tori Kelly or Zendaya.

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