Date: 2018-08-30

Try these three simple tips to help manage your hair stress and get back to hair happiness.


A head massage is a great treat to your head in these day. At the same time, the effects of a head massage can be felt throughout your whole body. It is not necessary for you to go to a spa or hair salon to get a head massage but you cando it right in your bed or bathroom only with some essential oil. You can even give yourself a quick head massage in the morning before you wash your hair. This is also a great chance to double duty and do a hair treatment at the same time. Also, after a hard-working day with your hair tied up or wearing real hair extensions all day long, a head massage is super amazing to your head and your body. When you do it at home, just take a few drops of oils, rubbing your palm until warm and gently massage your scalp. Hair oils are incredible for your hair and will help to heal the signs of stress in your hair.

Not only do head massages feel fantastic, they can also help to make your hair grow faster. A head massage stimulates blood circulation that feed your hair follicles to make sure they’re getting good flow to grow healthy hair.


When you’re feeling stressed, it can make your hair feel dry and dull. The massages and treatments combined are ideal, and here’s another cheat to let you treat your hair while you sleep. What you can do is applying a moisturising treatment to damp hair at night. Twist your hair up into a towel or clip it up while you sleep. Then in the morning, wash your hair as normal and you’ll have super soft and shiny hair. This treatment provide moisture and nutrients to your hair to make it less dry or dull.

You can even cheat a little more and use your regular hair conditioner if you don’t have a treatment at home.


We put our hair through so many environmental stresses, something has to break and I don’t want it to be your hair. Using too much heat on your hair can be another burden for it. Give your hair some break and let it natural. If you can’t avoid using heat on your hair then drop the temperature down and make sure that you use a heat protectant and give your hair a bit of a rest between styling days. You know I love braids and this easy updo is a great way to give your hair that rest day.

So these tips will not only revive your hair from stress they are also good habits to keep it strong and healthy all year round. So give yourself a massage, make sure you get some more sleep and turn the heat down in your life too. Once you fee better, your hair will feel the same.

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