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Date: 2018-10-11

Halloween is coming close to us day by day. This is the chance when people celebrate parties, gather together and share their stories. It is not only the occasion for children to play around but also for the adults to relax and get back their work-life balance.

Jack-o-lantern – one of the emblems of Halloween (Image: Internet)

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If you still have no idea what to do in this festival, see what we list below.

Activities that everyone should join in on Halloween ever

Halloween is the festival which originated from the Celts from many years ago. After years gone by, it becomes very popular in many countries not only just in Celtic territory.

Sailing competition on giant pumpkins (Source: Internet)

The festival is well-known for some activities such as Trick-or-Treat, the black cats, fancy customs parties and Matchmaking.


Trick-or-treat makes children happy (Source: Internet)

If there is no trick-or-treat on Halloween eve, it would be no longer Halloween anymore. This ritual has been the games for almost every kid in the USA and other countries in the world.

On the night, children will go from house to house searching or asking for candies or other treats.

This activity was originated from years ago when children were just looking for foods or something other things.

In the USA, one-third of candies in the year are sold on this occasion.

Halloween parties

Unlike Treat-or-Treat which is believed to be the game of children, parties are mostly for adults. It can be fancy parties or normal parties. The indispensible thing here is jack-o-lanterns, ghost-face masks which are used commonly.

Halloween parade (Source: Internet)

People can sit together and tell ghost stories, fortunes or some other superstition things. Or maybe they just sit there and share their daily stories with their friends and family especially those don’t have much time to meet frequently.

Halloween Matchmaking

This is supposed to be the activity for those who are searching for their missing part. This night is the time when people come close to each other. Those who already have partners will tell their good news about their wedding or engagements.

For those who are still single, this is a good chance for them to find their lovers. Often, people will play matching games where couples are set randomly.

Besides, telling fortunes in this occasion is also very important. Mostly people don’t just find their husbands by matchmaking but also by fortunes.

We only have one Halloween night in one year, so let’s make it noise with perfect outfits and customs by choosing the best hair products for you. We are ready to provide you the best hair extensions, why don’t you just call or leave a contact right below!?

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