How to make a magic crown braid hair

Date: 2018-08-14

Having your hair floating around your shoulder is somehow of a romantic look. However, that is not the only way to make you look more attractive with your hair extensions. If you want to be luxurious and elegant, then try this magic crown braid hair out.How to make a magic crown braid hair

Braiding hair is not a simple work. That’s why we will make it very much easier for you to do so by giving these clear following instructions.

Step 1: Get your hair ready to braid by brushing it. Remember to remove all the knots it might have in your hair as it might cause difficulty when braiding.

Step 2: Imagine where to put the braid on. This means, you have to consider what the crown should be. It would be better if the crown put around the top of your head.

How to make a magic crown braid hair

Step 3: Start braiding from behind your right ear. You should braid with the thickness of 2-inches. This will make it looks strong and thick enough.

Step 4: Get started to braid by splitting your hair into three and braid. It is like a Dutch braid, starting from behind the right ear, going across the back of your head, then coming to the left ear.

Step 5: Keep braiding. Do not forget to get the hair from both sides.

Step 6: Curve your braid hair to shape what you have imagine. After that, you start to braid to top side of it.

Step 7: Finish braiding your hair. Make sure your hair is braided with a relevant elastic level.

How to make a magic crown braid hair

Step 8: Stretch out the braid. Now you can make your braid looks thicker by stretching it out. That’s why I told you to braid with elasticity. Make it really gently so that you don’t ruin your braid.

Step 9: Locate the end of the braid inside to finish it. Remember to hide it somewhere that does not affect its appearance.

Step 10: Reshape your braid to make it looks better, if you can. You can also pin some flowers or other accessories to make the braid more appealing.

Those are steps that you can take to make an absolutely elegant hair braid. You can make some changes to suit you more if you want. And if you don’t like braid hair that much, don’t forget that we still have a lot hair styles to follow, which is available on . Try it now and be gorgeous!

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