How you keep your human hair extensions shinning

Date: 2017-02-10

When you have a strong, healthy, and shining hair, you can restyle your hair beautifully and shiningly. And a nice hair make your look perfect and that is like your jewelry your wear to make your beauty.

How to keep your hair healthy? In my opinion, to keep your hair healthy and strong is hard, and you really spend time and love to care your  human hair extensions. Evenly when you use the virgin hair extensions from the virgin remy hair, you need to care them well so that you can use them for years as your first time you buy them.

straight weft 65 cm

And I will show you some ways to keep your natural hair moisturized, shining and really strong.

Tip 1: You can add a teaspoon ofhoney to your leave-ins. Honey draws in moisture from the air.


Tip2: when you wash your hair, please add thick natural oils like castor and avocado on top of your moisturizer, they help your hair more moisture.

Tip 3: You can re-moisturize your fro or TWA at night by spritzing with water , Vietnam virgin hair add a light leaves-in and sleeping in a plastic cap.

Tip 4: To have more shining hair, make daily moisturizing spritz with distilled water ,alovera juice , your favorite natural oil and glycerin

Tip 5 :Remember that touching your hair often will dry it out much faster.

Tip 6:  when you have very dry hair, you can use a thick, deep conditioner and leave-in after you shampoo your hair.

Tip 7: Cover hair with satin bonnet or scarf to prevent moisture loss when you sleep and can create the wavy hair naturally.


When you give your hair love-care, your hair becomes moisture, healthy and shinning. And when you have the virgin remy hair that is 100% from virgin human hair, you need to spend more time to take care well and can reuse them every times. You can restyle yourself with your hair so easily and lovely.



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