Some interesting things about hair extension

Date: 2018-08-01

Real hair extension is new but not strange. Comparing to old- fashion wigs with colorful look and modest quality, the Vietnam hair extension products are much more beautiful and useful and become one of indispensible beauty tools of women.

Hair extension products haven’t been strange to everyone especially women yet. In the past, there used to be wigs being in different styles but having some characteristics in common: It’s impossible for those wigs to be changed in terms of curling, straightening or dyeing. Additionally, they easily got tangled or had hair loss problems. These features were also the biggest drawbacks of the hair products. However, with the evolutionary development, those wigs are now replaced by other innovative products including a lot of good features and high quality as well; one of them is hair extension. The common hair extension products are often made from real human hair such as Vietnam hair products which can remove all the disadvantages of false hair. Comparing to false hair, Vietnam hair is much better. The material is totally natural and mainly taken from Vietnam women hair; and it’s the reason why it’s named Vietnam hair. With hair extension with high quality and good features, Vietnam hair extensions become more popular to girls who love using different hair styles without worrying too much about hair problems causing from harmful chemicals. You can curl or straighten to renew yourself or you can dye your favorite colors without damaging your real hair. Moreover, hair extension helps you to have a glamour volume and long hair whenever you want. Easily taking care is also a plus point for that product

Tape Hair Extension made 100% Vietnam hair with soft and shining look

Major benefits of real hair extension which not everybody knows about them

– Cause no damage to your real hair, especially little hair breakage or hair loss
– Be convenient to wear and put off anywhere. For example, you can put on the hair when going to school then put off before going to sleep, washing your real hair or being at home. You can do that easily, normally it takes about 10 or 20 mins for the beginner users and only 2-5 mins for the one who get familiar
– Be definitely tight and easily to put the hair up. You can wear the hair extension when sleeping, using curlers or even using blow- dryer without falling off
– Not be necessary to regularly add your hair length. Your real hair extension such as Vietnam hair products can be used from 2 to 3 years if you preserve and take care of it the right way
– Not create the feeling heavy when wearing. Although the hair extension can bring you glamour length for your hair, you won’t feel too heavy or uncomfortable while wearing. Also, you only take quite a little time to take care of it kike washing or brushing in order to keep it in a good condition.

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