Date: 2018-10-15

It’s been known since the world: women always want what they do not have. If they have straight hair, they will curl it, and vice versa. Sometimes the trends make you want what you do not even when you are generally pleased with your capillary adornment. If you like to wear the perfect hair, we have some tips for you to help keep your hair intact for as long as possible.

Straight hair is better when it’s long, so it’s better to wait for it to grow before you use the hair plate. Short hair is affected more quickly by moisture, and regenerated wires will wrinkle when swallowed even very little.

Prepare the straightening from washing. Smooth care products do not necessarily straighten hair, but prepare it by straightening it through proper moisturizing. When applying the conditioner, be sure to stretch it over the entire length of the hairline and allow it to act like this. It opts for a balm or a mask-treatment that hinders the hair.

After rinsing does not wipe aggressively the hair with the towel, it will only accentuate your corrugations. Press it gently until the moisture absorbs.

Make sure your hair is perfectly dry before using your hair plate. Dry the hair from the top down so that much of the straightening is done during drying

Use only professional hair plates, they are designed so that they constantly heat up the length of the strands and do not burn hair. Also, the temperature setting is more precise, which helps to optimize the styling temperature.

Treat before straightening, be it thermal protection, anti-frizz spray or silicone-based serum. Remember that there are products before and after products, choose the ones that suit you and use them as indicated on their packaging. You can choose Kerastraight Spray Pre-Treatment Plus that fixes hair’s resistance, regains its integrity, improves elasticity, and provides protection against rupture.

If you do not want your hair attached to the scalp, you can choose KeraStraight Root Lift – Gel – spray with thermal protection for fastening . KeraStraight Heat – Spray for thermal protection offers a slight invisible barrier around the hair, protecting it from thermal damage. It is recommended for all hair types, with heat-activating ingredients, ingredients that seal and increase the strength and shine of the hair.

Straighten your hair by choosing thin strands. Do not rush. If the strands are too thick, the heat will not be the same for all wires and they will wrinkle faster under wet conditions.

Stay away from moisture. This means avoiding water-based products such as coconut milk, even if it is said to be suitable for smoothing hair. It will only curl the hair with the plaque. When you come out of the house wearing a hat, a hood or always with you umbrella.

Do not forget the dry shampoo. Apply it remotely across the length of the hair. It will not let the unwanted moisture penetrate into the hair.

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