Date: 2018-11-08

For ages, using apple cider vinegar has been known as a traditional beauty treatment in many Western European countries.

These days, because of the fact that this treatment has already spread to many Asian countries, Asian women have become accustomed to using the liquid apple cider vinegar as a useful ingredient for skin care and hair care.

Apple cider vinegar is capable of nurturing your damaged hair during autumn days.

Make hair smooth and shiny

Apple cider vinegar has the ability to make your hair soft, smooth and shiny without roughness. However, you need to know how to make the necessary ingredients together to get the best result. Mix apple cider vinegar with water at a 1:1 ratio, then apply the mixture to your hair.

Remember to rinse the mixture out with warm water after 5-10 minutes. Your scalp will certainly be clean and your hair will certainly become softer and smoother in comparison with washing your hair with normal shampoos. It is also okay to apply this process to hair extensions.

Stimulate hair growth

In addition to making your hair soft and sleek, alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid in apple cider vinegar also contribute to the growth of your hair by enhancing blood supply and circulation and cleanse the scalp and hair.

If you want your short hair to grow out faster, mix apple cider vinegar with royal jelly at a 2: 1 ratio to apply to your wet hair. Gently massage your scalp and leave the mixture on for about 10 minutes. You should repeat this process 3 times a week so that your hair will be longer and thicker soon.

Prevent hair loss

If you have tried a lot of methods to reduce hair loss but they all go in vain, why don’t you try using apple cider vinegar? The nutrients in apple cider vinegar are proven to strengthen the hair roots, reduce hair loss as well as hair breakage and also reduce the risk of baldness.

After wetting your hair with warm water, apply apple cider vinegar directly to your scalp and massage for 10-15 minutes. After that, all you need is washing your hair with shampoo as usual.


Remove dandruff

Acetic acid available in apple cider vinegar plays an important role in balancing the pH levels of your scalp together with your natural hair. For this reason, bad bacteria are prevented from growing and the risk of dandruff is reduced.

Mix 3 tablespoons of liquid apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of lime juice and an egg yolk. Apply the smooth mixture to your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes after shampooing your hair. You can certainly get rid of dandruff as long as you persist in such a useful method of hair care.

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