Longer Vietnamese Hair Now Available!

Date: 2018-10-13

Have you tried our Vietnamese Straight or Vietnamese Body Wave hair extensions?

OK, you can’t beat the price with 20 inches Weave hair extensions starting at $54.80

These bundles have been selling like hot cakes since we launched them just a few months ago. The feedback has been nothing but fantastic.

The great news is APOHAIR just added additional colors!

Can we all agree that Weave hair extensions are a gift from above? They allow us to add length, volume, and thickness at a snap to the roots. We only choose the best bundle to make them and only washing with clean water.

So basically let’s all give a big “yes,” to good Weave hair extensions from APO Hair and an even bigger yes to the style we create with them! This device comes in many textures, lengths and of course colors for when you want to experiment. Overall, it is a piece of the beauty industry.

More Vietnamese Hair Extensions!

You can now purchase the Vietnamese Hair up to 32 inches for both the straight and body wave with Natural Black, jet black, dark brown, light brown, cold color, blond and mixed color, Ombre color…

As the popularity continues to grow so will the available colors for the curl patterns. We have even been thinking of adding a few additional colors as well. Let’s just wait and see.

The current colors are 32 colors with prices starting at just $10.4$. The 22 inches Weave Straight is priced at just $52.00

Are You Selling Vietnamese Hair?

If you are currently selling hair extensions but not the Vietnamese hair then we strongly suggest you give it a try. It is a fantastic low-cost option that your customers will love.

Not everyone can afford the top quality and more expensive hair extensions. Do you want to lose out on the other spectrum of customers?


With our Vietnamese hair extensions, it is really easy to have your own brand.

What about the Quality of Vietnamese hair extensions

We have done color tests and heat test with the hair and the results are great. This is 100% human hair with strong wefts and no signs of tangling.

Our clients are really excited about being able to offer another origin of hair. If you are in Vietnam we would be excited for you to stop by. You can touch, feel and run your fingers through our hair samples.

Not only do APOHair provide Weave human hair extensions but we will also provide many types of hair such us Tape in, Clip in, Pre-Bonded, Wigs, Ponytail, Closure, and Wigs… Please come to APOHair, we will supply the best hair for you and you will never mind about the bad hair. We promise to make you fabulous with our hair!

Interested in trying some samples? Make sure you contact us to place a small wholesale order to test out the hair.

You will not be disappointed!

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