Why We Love Vietnam human hair Extensions (Part 1)

Date: 2018-02-24

The key to make Vietnam human hair extensions become popular in the world as nowadays? In the world of Hair Extensions, there are qualities of hair that are undeniably the best. If you think back, how many times have you colored your hair? Have you used any chemical products on your hair? Have you ever heated it due to curling or straightening or even blow drying? Have you bleached your hair? Do you eat junk food? Why these questions are pertinent is because we are used to adding various chemical products and heat treatments to our hair and we don’t think much about it. It is quite normal and could be a daily routine.

Vietnam human hair is thick, long and beautiful

However, women in Vietnam have hair that has not seen any chemicals nor let anything heated apart from the Sunlight to touch their hair. They do not have an unhealthy diet or fast food which could help in the degeneration of our hair. They do not use blow dryers or tie their hair back tightly. They lead more or less simple lives and this reflects on the quality of their hair. Due to the fact that their hair remains untouched by artificial products, they retain the strength and luster of their natural hair. Also, women in Vietnam tend to grow their hair instead of getting it cut short in a bob cut.

Long hair is prized and commands a high rate. Combine the long hair with hair that is virgin (not touched my chemical treatments or damaged due to manmade products) and you have got yourself a best seller that could fetch high prices. The long hair is ideal for air extensions as this hair can be colored or curled to suit the purposes of the end customers.

The hair is taken and is sent for processing where the strands are separated and aligned in the same direction so that it can be fastened from one end which will then be applied to your own hair. Good companies will always ensure that the cuticles face the same direction to have a better fall. Many of the companies that retail hair extensions made of Vietnam human hair sort it out by hand. As you can imagine this is an arduous task but one that ensure the end product you receive is of the highest quality. Private Label Extensions offers Vietnam human hair extensions so you know you are getting a great product when you purchase hair extensions from the website.

These following features are the key to make Vietnam human hair extensions become popular in the world as nowadays:

Vietnam human hair is thick, long and beautiful and these three qualities make Vietnam human hair in great demand. It is also for these same reasons that procuring this quality of hair so rare. As you can imagine, there aren’t a lot of women who haven’t cut their hair or applied some sort of chemical process to their hair. Even the shampoo and conditioner you use could have certain chemicals and ingredients that could affect your hair. For various reasons, Vietnamese women sell their hair to the hair extension industry.

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