Mary from Apo hair extensions

Date: 2016-11-28

My name is Mary from Apo hair extensions. Today I start series of posts regarding about hair extension. I have many customers who are beginners in this field asking about the hair we sell and confuse so much about the terms. Terms like human hair, Virgin hair extensions, Remy hair and generally just what hair extensions are made of.

Hair for extensions can be made of many things….

  1. 100% human hair concluded non remy hair and remy hair
  2. Animal hair: horse tail…
  3. Synthetic hair
  4. Mix human and Animal
  5. Mixed human and synthetic


Beginners can see many cheap prices for virgin hair extensions that they actually don’t know it is a combination of synthetic, animal and human hair. When it is processed, it looks like 100% pure human hair at the first time they use it. But often after only one wash, it gets tangle easily. I will tell you about it in other posts

However, If you get expensive price of hair extension, it is not sure that you get 100% human hair when you come across bad experienced with untrue sellers

Today I will mention to one kind of hair that has best quality and you beginners can trust that you have gold to sell.

Virgin hair is 100% human hair, chemically unprocessed human hair, which is collected from a single donor. All the cuticles layers intact, face the same direction.

Real virgin hair lasts a very, very long time when used as extension hair and if it is cared for properly. It is strong, can be colored to match your hair no matter what color it is. Of course you must know the technique well not to break the hair while processing.

And remember that it is not cheap to have virgin hair

You ask for virgin blond colors and seller can provide you. Beware of it because there is no light haired people can provide that amount for hair extension. Trust me. Almost virgin hair comes from Asian countries and there is no blond gene in our blood.

I do hope you get some information after reading this post. Next time I will write more about remy hair and non

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