Date: 2018-09-05

2018 is the year marking the return of many different hairstyles which are full of personality and prominence from the Hollywood stars. And the red carpet events are where the celebrities shine with their beauty. It is also one of the reasons why these beauties take care of their natural hair.

Sometimes famous stars do not hesitate to promote their hairstyle online and want it to become popular trend in youth. Then let’s take a look at 4 trendy hairstyles recently promoted by Hollywood stars.

Fashionable bob hair

Saoirse Ronan, the famous American actress, has cut off her long straight hair and impressed fans with a short bob hair, a simple but youthful hairstyle. The chin-length short hair brings her a modern and classic beauty, helps her become more prominent whenever she appears.

Kinky curly haircut

Kinky curly haircuts are not so popular in Vietnam, but especially in Western countries, this hairstyle becomes a hot trend that every woman wants to experience it once in their lives.

It can be said it is the hair stylist who brings up the radiant beauty of Samile Bermannelli because she is brighter than ever with this hair extension. Although this hairstyle is very familiar with her even by the years, but just with a little change, it has become a strange and mordern hairstyle. It not only helps balance the features on her face but also  make a good sense for the opposite.

Tomboy hairstyle

One of the most prominent hairstyle today and tending to be the hottest women hair trend is tomboy hair. Why is this hairstyle so hot? In fact, over the years, hair extensions have been increasingly altered to fit the face, from then many new hairstyles have been created  that make people “crazy” and want to try right then. And of course, tomboy hair has been invented by that way. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for girls with an oval face and it will save you a lot of times for styling and caring. You will no need to spend hours to style your hair before going out.

In August, the supermodel, Coco Rocha, posted on Instagram her picture for Vogue magazine. The masculine look of the 1990s combined with the studded earrings made her look particularly attractive.

Wavy long bob hair

Although not actively promoted on Instagram, the long wavy bob hairstyle of Selena Gomez has made people so interested and immediately, a series of long bob hair with a variety of curly style was born. This hairstyle makes her face look younger and more dynamic. Besides, the natural charm of her face is accidentally also shown out in the best way.

We can see that each hairstyle has a different beauty, and will fit with a typical face shape. Why do not you go to the salon and create for yourself a new appearance with one of these hair trends! Trust me, you will surely look great on it!

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