14 inches weave wavy hair

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⊹ 14 inches weave wavy hair is the kind of hair extension that is 100% of virgin human hair, which is originated from Vietnam and Cambodia.

⊹ It is completely chemical-free, harmless and natural looking.


The length is 14 inches and it is wavy shaped. You can imagine how it flows in your shoulders: so beautiful!

Glossy, shedding and brilliant are adjectives used to describe it.

It has no insects, no knits inside.

Available colors on http://apohair.com/ now are black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

How will 14 inches weave wavy hair look when applying it?

This is the question that has been asked by many girls in the world. This shows how people worry about the idea that their hair extensions will not fit them. It is not so hard to understand it. However, to be frank, it is nothing to worry about when you get 14 inches weave wavy hair.

Wavy hair happens to be the most favorite hair style in the world and it is never going to be out of fashion. That is the reason why you should stop hesitating to buy wavy Vietnam hair extensions.

Some might say “Yeah, of course, wavy hair is fashionable. But the thing is whether it suits me or not. That’s the problem”. So here we are, considering how wavy hair might look on you.

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