14 inches weave wavy hair

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⊹ 14 inches weave wavy hair is the kind of hair extension that is 100% of virgin human hair, which is originated from Vietnam and Cambodia.

⊹ It is completely chemical-free, harmless and natural looking.


The length is 14 inches and it is wavy shaped. You can imagine how it flows in your shoulders: so beautiful!

Glossy, shedding and brilliant are adjectives used to describe it.

It has no insects, no knits inside.

Available colors on http://apohair.com/ now are black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

How will 14 inches weave wavy hair look when applying it?

This is the question that has been asked by many girls in the world. This shows how people worry about the idea that their hair extensions will not fit them. It is not so hard to understand it. However, to be frank, it is nothing to worry about when you get 14 inches weave wavy hair.


Wavy hair happens to be the most favorite hair style in the world and it is never going to be out of fashion. That is the reason why you should stop hesitating to buy wavy Vietnam hair extensions.

Some might say “Yeah, of course, wavy hair is fashionable. But the thing is whether it suits me or not. That’s the problem”. So here we are, considering how wavy hair might look on you.

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With the length of 14 inches, it is believed to be cover up your shoulder and a part of your back. That would be so nice looking from both front and back side. From a little bit far distance from you, your hair is going to be shine and float in the wind. Nothing can be beautiful like that.

Between 14 inches weave wavy hair and 14 inches clip in hair, which one is better?

When it comes to clip-in hair and weave hair, some people tend to choose clip –in. This is because clip in makes it much easier to apply the hair extensions into your real hair. You can just find the best place and then put it in with little effort. On the contrary, if you use weave hair, you might need some other things to pin the hair. It might take more time to do so.

Anyway, weave hair might you a better appearance. It looks more smoothing than the other. To sum up, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you think the weave one might look better, then just go for it.

Generally speaking, if you wear weave hair, you need some hair pins to secure the hair extensions on your head. I think it should be a lot of pins that can make you feel it stable. If you want hair extensions which can be easily applied and save time, I recommend you to use clip-in one. As you know, clip-in hair extensions already have clips that can quickly secure your hair. Frankly, if I were you, I would choose clip-in hair extensions which are very convenient for such a hurried person like me.

There are many types of hair extensions, which one should I choose?

If you don’t like the two above types of hair extensions, you can choose the other types such as wigs, lace closure, tip hair and tape hair. Let me explain it carefully so that you can understand more about our products.

First of all, let’s talk about wigs. As you already know that a wig isthe complete hair as a whole head. All the hair is weft together into lace in order to shape it like a real head. All you need to do when you have a wig is to wear it on your head. We now offer wigs with many different colors, you can choose whatever color you like. Plus, we also have with different hair styles such as straight, wavy and curly. The length is also varied.

Lace closure is also of our products which have been exported to many countries. It is most famous for frontal lace closure which is mostly used to cover the upper front head of your head. I believe that those who are bold will really need this. Also, some people who have thin hair should take this for consideration too. The hair will be weft into a lace which is rectangle-shaped. You will take the closure and put it on the top of your head. The lace as you see can be used to make it stable on your head. As many other kinds of hair extensions that we offer, this lace closure also has a lot of colors and styles for you to choose. You can visit our websites for more information.

What about tip hair extensions?

Tip hair extensions is supposed to be the most popular dominated when it comes to hair extensions. Unlike other types of hair which usually has only one kind, tip hair includes many kinds which are U-tip, I-tip, V-tip and Flat-tip. For tip hair, Apohair has many colors and different length for you to choose. About the colors, we have black, natural black, brown, light brown, yellow, light yellow, ombre, blonde and mix color which is mixed by two or more colors. The length of the hair is varied from 6 inches to 32 inches.

Last but not least, tape hair extensions cannot be missed out of this list. You can understand tape hair as the hair extensions which is pinned in its head with the tape so that users can apply easily. The stickiness of the tape might be faded away after time of using, so you can buy the tape rolls that we sell as hair accessories. Like tip hair extensions, we also offer tape hair extensions with all length from 6 inches to the longest one, 32 inches, and all colors.

That is all about the hair extensions that Apohair has. With a wide range of hair that any demanding customer can be satisfied, we believe that we can give you the things that you want. If you are interested in any kinds of our products, don’t wait until tomorrow to contact us. Instead, try it right away!

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