18 inches weave hair

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18 inches weave hair

⊹ Be made from 100% Vietnam natural Remy hair, 18 inches weave hair are pure clean material. They are selected carefully from top quality Vietnamese human hair.

⊹ 18 inches weave Vietnam hair extensions are natural, strong, no shedding, tangle-free, smooth witharomatic scented.

By simply using hot steam technique, we make the weave visual for these hair extensions with no synthetic compounds. 18 inches weave hair extensions have natural wavy look and can blend in flawlessly with your own growth hair. It will give an extra amazing appearance and great to add volume for your thicker super Vietnam hair look.

18 inches weave hair

Our 18 inches weave hair extensionsare available worldwide with secure payment methods,convenient shipping and hospitably customer care. We focus on the quality of each product; therefore, you get the right to have faith in our hair extensions and services.

It is simple to store, take care andeffortless for you to put on many beautiful styles with these hair extensions.

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