18 inches weave wavy hair

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⊹ This is the kind of hair extensions which is made of 100% virgin human hair with no toxic substances. It is taken from Vietnamese women and Cambodian hair wholesale.

⊹ It is 18 inches in the length and wavy shaped; which is just enough to make you look so gorgeous with it.

What is 18 inches weave wavy hair?


Besides, Apo weave wavy human hair is sure to make it easy and convenient to use as it is weft together.

It is also soft, color-true and stay-in-place so you don’t have to worry about its five-stared quality and transparent origination.

Having no knots, no insects, Apohair 18 inches weave wavy hair is definitely a wise choice for luscious looking, eye-catching hair extensions.

Available colors: black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

Why 18 inches weave wavy hair of Apohair is the best?

In Apohair, every single product is perfect. But why 18 inches is the most suitable one? Because it is long enough to make you look girly, gorgeous and beautiful but not too long. If it is too long, it can make you feel inconvenient some time.

With this length you look just like a princess. In case long, floating hair makes you feel bored, let make a change by styling it the other way. For example, you can braid it very gently. Remember to make it gently so that you don’t ruin your Vietnamese hair extensions.

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