24 inch weave straight hair

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  • Type: Machine weft hair extensions 
  • Hair Grade: 100% high quality Vietnam hair
  • Style: Straight
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Color: Black, Brown, Blonde
  • Material: Vietnamese Human Hair
  • Textile: 100% unprocessed hair, Silky, Soft, All cuticle
  • Place of Origin: Vietnam
  • Brand Name: APOHAIR
  • Weight: 100 grams/ 1 bundle
  • Hair features: No shedding,No tangling
  • Payment method: Paypal, Western Union, Money Gram, Bank
  • Ship by: UPS, DHL, EMS or FEDEX


Why straight hair is the most favourite?

Straight hair naturally attracts everyone. The shiny, silky, smooth and sleek hair brings an extra ordinary looks to one. It brings out eminent difference in one’s looks.

Hair is the very first eye-caching important feature when you meet someone. It readily changes and improves the looks of a person. Many of the people say that hair can depict one’s attitude, personality and style. Beautiful strong straight hair attracts everyone with its beauty.

For me straight hair is a prominent feature as I look at a person and observe two main feature eyes and hair. Hair first, so if a person has beautiful defined hair, it already gives a very pleasant impact of one’s personality.

It is attractive if its healthy, and flowing in a nice style. Long straight hair is associated with femininity, but long curly hair is too. Straight hair is popular because it is easy to create different styles and looks, it is also able to look neat, tidy and well presented, which appeals to most people’s eyes. It’s also easier to maintain the health of straight hair as the oils flow through it quicker.

Curly hair can be just as attractive, but it needs slightly more care when washing and styling.
It usually looks good, when in great condition, and not overly processed. It suits being in styles that allow the curls to flow, which is usually longer, and not too many layers.

Curly hair benefits from being allowed to dry naturally as heat dries curly hair out, and causes damage very quickly. Lots of intense conditioners, and products that seal in moisture are good for curls. Serums, and curl smoothing balms, applied when wet, seal in moisture, and help define long luscious curls.

It’s all perspective, if you are born with curly hair you tend to want straight hair, as you can’t have it. If you are born with straight hair you tend to want curls. The grass is always greener on the other side as they say.

How to recognize 24 inch weave straight hair?

24 inch weave straight hair is the hair which is made of 100% virgin human hair. It is provided into the market by Apohair company – a company whose products are all kind of human hair extensions.

As it is made of human hair, the hair is not only soft, smooth with no tangles, shedding or insects but also healthy. It has nothing to do with the chemicals which can be harmful to your health.

If you use our products, you can see the difference from the others by its five-stared appearance. That is strong, soothing, glossy and of course beautiful.

24 inch weave straight hair is now available with a wide range of colors such as black, brown, light brown, yellow, light yellow, ombre and mixed highlight. Thanks to this, you can have a lot of choice for your hair.


What can I do to maintain my 24 inch weave straight hair?

Not only natural hair which needs to maintain, but also hair extensions need to do so if you want it to last longer. After time of using, your Vietnam hair extensions will be crumbled and coarse. This is the time for you to take a good care if it instead of waiting until it goes worse.

As your real hair, your hair extensions also needs some hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. Unlike real hair, you don’t need to wash hair extensions very often. You just need to do it some time to make sure that it is clean and clear. It has no dirt and perspiration in it. After washing, please dry it carefully so that you don’t ruin it.

Alongside with hair care products, you can also make homemade masks for your hair by some natural formula. It is definitely  a good way to take care of your hair.

This is some tips for you to have better 24 inch weave straight hair, I hope you find it interesting and helpful. Having hair extensions might improve your appearance; however, in order to keep it for a long time, you have to maintain it. Good luck!

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