Cambodian Straight Double Drawn Hair 24 inches ( 60 cm) (2)

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Natural wavy, natural colour is black colour, coarse than vietnam virgin hair.

They are real human hair, remy hair with full natural cuticle, can be dyed.

They make curly or wavy or other style, no synthetic hair, no tangle and no sedding.

Cambodian double drawn hair is the most popular grade in four grades of hair from APO Hair.

It has the same quality with Euro Standard, Super Double and Single Drawn, the only difference is the number of short hair in a bundle.

With resonable price and good thickness, double drawn hair is always the best choice for you. Clients can buy hair in Bulk or Weft. The hair is available in all colors, sizes and textures.

Cambodian Hair is sourced from Cambodia and is known to have a medium luster. Cambodian hair comes in a variety of textures and can be naturally silky or heavily textured.

Heavily textured hair works perfect for ethnic women and women with heavily textured hair, while silky hair works great for women with naturally smooth textured hair. Its texture makes it one of the easiest hair extension types to wear and care for. When taken care of properly, Cambodian hair will not tangle or mat, and will maintain its silky appeal.

Cambodia Hair is stunning and very soft in texture. Cambodian hair toupee and extensions are very easy to install and remove. Upgrade your beauty by grabbing this beautiful Cambodian Hair from APOHAIR Company Wholesale Vendors right now!

These Cambodian Hair Bundles are born to be yours. Along with Vietnamese hair, raw Cambodian Hair from Cambodia is gaining the strong preference of customers all around the world.

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