Cambodian Straight Single Drawn Hair 20 inches ( 50 cm)

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Natural wavy, natural colour is black colour, coarse than vietnamese hair.

They are real human hair, remy hair with full natural cuticle, can be dyed.

They make curly or wavy or other style, no synthetic hair, no tangle and no sedding.

Cambodian single drawn hair is the lowest grade of remy hair. The hair is thinner than the other three grades: Double drawn hair, super high quality drawn hair and euro standard drawn hair.

It’s suitable for customers who do not want a too much thick hair. However, with short sizes or curly textures, single drawn hair still look full on the bottom, then you can totally choose this hair for short hair styles.

It is the way that you no need to pay much money, but still can own a great hair.

Cambodian hair extensions can be styled any way you like. Whether you want to flat iron it to a sleek straight look or create bold curls, you can do it all with with these high quality extensions.

Cambodian Hair is well-known by its beautiful natural wavy texture and high volumn itself. Even with single drawn Cambodian Hair, you can enjoy the best experience that other hair types cannot bring to.

Single drawn is born to serve the needs of the ladies who wants their hairs to be as natural and seamless as possible. 3-4 bundles should be the ideal amount to do a full head.

Cambodian Hair Description:Hair Style: Cambodian Hair Curly

Hair Length: 16 Inch Weave (40cm); also available in other length 6-32 Inches

Hair Origin: Cambodia (only pick from 100% healthy Cambodian Women)

Hair Quality: Single Drawn Quality Hair

Hair Weight: 100gr (3.5oz). Also available in other weights as required by customers

Weft Length: 1,4 – 1,6m. For shorter or longer weft length, please contact our sales to get consulted for

Shipping method: UPS, DHL.

Payment method: PayPal, MoneyGram, Western Union.

3 Comments on Cambodian Straight Single Drawn Hair 20 inches ( 50 cm)

ashley said : Guest Report 3 years ago

what is the price for a company to buy youre hair

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Claudia do Carmo Correia de Magalhaes Görig said : Guest Report 3 years ago

Ola chamo-me Claudia eu vi os cabelos e fiquei apaixonada eu sonho com cabelos compridos mas aqui em Austria e muito caro.O meu sonho e ter cabelos compridos e lisos mas eu nao tenho.voces podem-me mandar alguns precos de cabelos compridos,ate a cintura,pretos e lisos tipo Indiano porfavor?

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Alex said : Guest Report 3 years ago

We want to order a sample of 0.5 kg - Single Drawn Straight 55cm. What's the price?

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  • Moscow

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