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Color hair extensions is the aim of many people nowadays. Knowing the demand of our customers, Apohair has a lot of colors for them to choose. We assure the color of our products will be:

  • Beautiful
  • Glossy
  • Suitable and Fashionable
  • Atractive

As in modern society, the color of real hair and color hair extension are more and more diverse. People know that except from black and blonde colors, there might be a lot more colors to offer. So how many exactly the colors are?

In Apohair we have dark color hair extensions such as black and brown. With black color hair extensions, we offer black color which is really black one. Natural black is the one which is a little bit brighter. Besides, we still have brown colors which include brown, light brown and very light brown. The colors vary from dark to light so that you can have more choices for your hair.

At the same time, we also have yellow color hair extensions. It includes light yellow and dark yellow. Light yellow is very shiny so it suits people who are very extrovert and sociable. It shows the energy and power of a person. Also, light color hair can make you look out-standing in the crowd.

Except from those color hair extensions, we also have other colors such as ombre and mixed highlight colors. Other colors are available but with a little number of products.

Do you know that your color hair extensions can say a lot about your character? Science says that people who love warm colors such as yellow, pink and red are those who are extrovert, talkative and sociable. These people tend to have a lot of friends and like party very much. They love meeting new people and make relationships. These are also people the leaders in the society.

On the contrary to those who like warm colors is the kind of people who prefer cold color hair extensions. These people who like green, blue and purple tend to be introvert and shy. They don’t have much to say to other people and they don’t like to talk much as well. These people love spending time alone, listening to music or writing. However, introvert people have the ability to understand other people very well. That’s why the number of introvert people as leaders are also very high.

Clearly, there are many choices to choose your color hair extensions. You can ask your friends for advice or maybe just follow the way you are. I mean, choose a color which suits your character. Your appearance will say a lot about your inner soul. I believe if you choose your favorite color, it would save time for others to get to know you more.

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