Flat tip hair extensions

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  • 100% of Vietnam human virgin hair
  • Soft, silky, smoothing and harmless
  • No shedding, no tangles
  • Easily applied and attractive looking
  • All length available

One of the hot trend hair extensions now is flat-tip hair extensions. It is not only promised to make you a better look but also give the feeling of naturalness.

Flat tip hair extensions is the hair which has flat-tip to help users to apply it easily. Although it is flat tip, you can move the hair 360-degree and feel comfortable at the same time.

Wearing flat tip hair extensions will make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Thanks to the flat-tips which are not against the scalp make the feeling of comfort.

Flat tip hair extensions is also really adaptable. Since it is the tips are flat, it will be changeable accorded with the way you behave. As you lay down, it will be laying too. As you walk in the wind, it will be floating beautifully, just like your natural hair.


Alongside with U-tip, I-tip and V-tip which are also easily applied and removed, flat-tip hair extensions is believed to be most comfortable one. As it is flat one, it makes no difficulty to use and remove it. You can just feel like you are using your real hair.

Flat tip hair extensions has been existed and used for a long time. Since then it is always on the top trend hair extensions. That is because it is beautiful, natural and adaptable. If you still have no idea what is the solution for your less attractive hair style, buy flat tip hair extensions right now at Apohair.

Other hair extensions that Apohair provides?

As you probably know, Apohair has four standards of hair for you to choose. They are Single drawn hair, Double drawn hair, Super high quality drawn hair and Euros standard drawn hair. Each standard will be different from one another so that their quality will be different.

If you want hair with reasonable price, you can choose single and double drawn hair. The other two standards can be more expensive than that because they are more beautiful and gorgeous.

Speaking of hair types, alongside with Flat tip hair extensions, we also have I-tip, U-tip, V-tip hair extensions and so on. Some others of our best-selling products are bulk hair, machine weft hair, tape hair extensions and clip in hair extensions.

Besides, for every types of hair we also have three textures namely straight, curly and wavy hair for you.

Color hair is getting more and more important when it comes to fashion nowadays. Luckily, Apohair has all kind hair color for you.

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Janna Jackson said : Guest Report 4 weeks ago

I am interested in purchasing the I-tip hair in bulk, I would also like to see the wholesale price list.

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