Piano hair

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1. 100% virgin human hair. No chemical, no colored, no dyed
2. Soft, shine, straight
3. Unprocessed, without nits, No lice, insect…
4. No short hair inside
5. Lengths of hair: from 10 inches up to 40 inches. Colors are: black, Brown

Apohair offers you the best real 100% piano hair extensions at a lowest price.
Piano hair can be cut, straighten, curl & styled just like your regular hair.
There is no need for sewing or gluing, simply clip in the hair and you’ll have long glossy locks in an instant!

Piano hair


1.      Material: Selected Top Quality 100% Vietnam human hair.

2.      Style Straight hair, light wavy hair

3.      Length: From 12 inches to 40 inches

4.      Color: Black or Dark Brown

5.      N.W: 90g,/100g/105g/110g/115g/120g  per piece.

6.      Min order: For sample order, you can order any quantity you want, for real order, at least 0.5 kg

7.      Delivery time: 3-5 days after received your payment by UPS/FEDEX/DHL or Cargo carrier

8.      Payment: By L/C, T/T, Western union, Money Gram, PAYPAL

What exactly are the colors that we have?

The most natural color hair that we have can be black and brown as you probably know these are the colors of Vietnamese hair. So, basically we don’t have to proccess or something in order to make the right colors for you.

Our hair is 100% Virgin human hair – no mix which is taken from Vietnamese women hair. As a result, black hair is very popular in our products. However, we know that when selling hair to western markets it would be another story. That is why we make many other colors for our customers to choose.

Those color hair of us are black, brown, yellow, light yellow and blonde, mix color, ombre… whatsoever. You can order any colors that you want and just wait for your hair to come.

Hair standards

Hair standard is like the way we classify our hair extensions. There are four standards with the differences in their quality.

Single drawn hair is the one which is ranked the lowest amongst. It seems quite light with divergent length of hair. To be more specific, the hair has both long and short hair that makes it thicker in the top and thinner in the end of hair.

Double drawn hair is better than single drawn hair. The length is more equally but it is still ranked lower than Super high quality drawn hair and Euros standard drawn hair. The higher it is the more expensive it is.

How many types of hair that we have?

If you are looking for some types of hair which can help you to improve the volume of hair, you should choose our hair extensions. Now we have tape in hair extensions, I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions) which includes I tip, U tip, clip in hair extensions and machine weft hair.

The hair extensions are only different from one another by their attachments such as tips, tape and clips. Machine weft hair is harder to apply compared to these hair extensions. It needs some pinners to do so.

Bulk hair is not hair extensions, it is the hair which is tied with some elastics. People use it to make other types of hair extensions.

We really hope we can bright you the best hair that you need!

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Bonjour, Je souhaite connaitre vos prix de gros. Cordialement

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I can't wait to put n my hair

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