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  • Fast and safe
  • Economic, only 5 $/ bottle
  • Simple & Easy to use

Tape hair extensions are truly one of the most revolutionary hair extension techniques on the market. They are mostly popular for their quick and easy application process. This also includes the long lasting and natural qualities they possess. Compared against other methods such as clip in, micro beads, keratin-tipped and braid in, tape hair extensions are also unique in that they can be re-applied up to four times when using high quality hair.


So you’ve applied tape-ins or simply got bored by keratin fusion extensions, and now wondering how to remove them at home and without spending a dime?

There is more than one way to remove tape-in adhesive and set your hair free. We will list three so it is up to you to decide, which one to use.

The Slow and Nasty, Yet More Natural Way (1 Hour)

  1. Apply baby oil on the tape and leave it here for a while.
    2. Start peeling off the hair strands. If they won’t peel easily, apply more oil and wait.
    3. Repeat the procedure and be warned, your hair will be greasy for at least few days.

The Fast and Better Way (10 Minutes)

  1. Grab a bottle of nail polish remover, which is acetone free, as it will do less damage to your hair.
    2. Using a sharp tool, apply few drops of nail polish remover on the sides of the tape and start peeling that edge. Once the peeling gets harder, apply more polish on the area and repeat the process.
    3. That’s it, really.

The Fastest and Safest Way (5-10 Minutes)

  1. Is your hair worth and you only consume 1.5 $ to protect your hair?
    2. If so, then just get a pre-made solution, apply few drops and start peeling tapes away!
    3. Congratulations, you haven’t damaged your hair in a way that nail polish would have damaged.

AND now APO is pleased to introduce a special product to remove the tape in extensions.

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