vietnamese virgin bulk hair

Price: List

1. 100% virgin human hair. No chemical, no colored, no dyed
2. Soft, shine, straight
3. Unprocessed, without nits, No lice, insect…
4. No short hair inside
5. Lengths of hair: from 10 inches up to 40 inches. Colors are: black, Brown

Our hair products are made of hair which is new human real hair. It has experience no hair proccess, dye and bleach. All the hair is carefully cleaned to make sure there is no knit, tangle or shedding there. Our hair is arranged in the same direction and kept all the features of Southest Asia Asia women hair. It is 100% of Vietnam people hair. For 10 years in this field, our company has been working as a wholesaler of “Vietnamese hair”.

We use only 100% Natural human hair as raw material for producing hair products. As it is virgin hair, it is so much easier using it to make some types of hair such as bleached hair, hair extensions, closure, frontal and wigs. The hair is collected from Vietnamese women who barely have their hair proccessed or something like that. It is all virgin, original hair and is at TOP QUALITY HAIR.

We are pride to be in partnership with many demanding markets in the world such as United State, Europe, Brazil, Indian, Korean and so on. We can give customers competitive price compared to other counterpart companies.

Human hair from Vietnam :

1.      Material: Selected Top Quality 100% Vietnam human hair.

2.      Style Straight hair, light wavy hair

3.      Length: From 12 inches to 40 inches

4.      Color: Black or Dark Brown

5.      N.W: 90g,/100g/105g/110g/115g/120g  per piece.

6.      Min order: For sample order, you can order any quantity you want, for real order, at least 0.5 kg

7.      Delivery time: 3-5 days after received your payment by UPS/FEDEX/DHL or Cargo carrier

8.      Payment: By L/C, T/T, Western union, Money Gram, PAYPAL

What is more?

Vietnamese human hair is getting more and more important way on improving women’s appearance. There have been many hair suppliers in the world but not all of them can help you to get the most beautiful hair. Apohair is pride to be the most prestigious one.

Speaking of hair extensions or hair products in general, there are something you need to notice.

First of all,let’s talk about the hair standards that we have. Apohair offers four main standards such as Single drawn hair, double drawn hair, Super high quality drawn hair and Euros standard drawn hair.

Single drawn hair is the hair which has both long and short hair in the same bundle. It is thick in the top part of hair and thin in the end of the hair. Single drawn hair looks thinner and lighter.

Double drawn hair is better than single drawn hair in the strands and thickness. While single one has both short hair, it has no short hair inside but almost same length hair.

The other two standards are the most expensive hair that Apohair offers. They are the hair which has all same length hair and same thickness. You will have nothing to complain about the quality of our hair.

What are the main types of hair?

Finding the best hair is one of the most difficult questions to some people. We know that each person will have different tastes and opinion so we make some of the hair extensions for you.

Bulk hair is the most simple hair amongst. It is not hair extensions but people buy it a lot to make their own hair extensions. It is basically tied with some elastics.

I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions) is a short term of I-tip, U-tip and clip in hair extensions. These are the hair which is attached with accessories so that you can use it easily. You can also find another hair type which looks similar to this is tape in hair extensions. For tape hair, you should buy our Tape roll and tape remover to help you to use it longer.

Lace closure and Full lace wigs are the hair that is sewn into lace. They are very convenient as you just need to wear it on.

Alongside with hair types,there are many hair textures for you such as straight hair, curly hair and wavy hair. Straight hair is often remained the same as the original hair since Vietnamese hair is straight. But we need to style it so that we have curly hair and wavy for you.

For more choices, you can choose one of any colors that you want. We will make it for you.

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Prudence soriano said : Guest Report one year ago

I want to buy some vietnamese 100% human hair how can I contact you

  • +260977331632
  • A 5 great north road Zambia kabangwe area
Prudence soriano said : Guest Report one year ago

I want to buy some vietnamese 100% human hair how can I contact you

  • +260977331632
  • A 5 great north road Zambia kabangwe area
Prudence soriano said : Guest Report one year ago

I want to buy some vietnamese 100% human hair how can I contact you

  • +260977331632
  • A 5 great north road Zambia kabangwe area
Katia said : Guest Report 2 years ago

Hi can please let me know how I can buy from u this hair,and how much,I want 150 grams 26 inches natural colo5,can 8 bleach this hair ?

  • 5088160762
  • 6 douglas rd
Maria Teresa said : Guest Report 2 years ago

I would like to purchase a sample order, please. It's possible?

  • 664464552
  • Spain
Ada L Rice said : Guest Report 2 years ago

I need a price list for all your products

  • 718801-4621
  • P o box 829 Bronx Ny 10462
Rume otoroh said : Guest Report 3 years ago

I want to make sample orders then huge orders.. Can I get price list? Are you on whattaspp?

  • 1647-686-8326
  • Toronto canada
Petr said : Guest Report 3 years ago

Добрый день . Хотим заказать срезы качественных волос на суму 6000 $ что вы можете нам предложить ?

  • +79685335150
  • Moscow

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