Vietnamese real hair extensions from APO HAIR

Date: 2016-05-19

Real hair trade is growing very fast. Demand of people about real hair extensions is increasing nowadays. However, resource of hair and quality may be the issues we are wondering. There are many suppliers in the world from India, China, Vietnam, Brazil…but who can give you real hair extensions?

According to Alix Moore who is a famous international human hair expert, Brazilian does not sell their hair and they do not have hair enough to supply for customers. This is right comment because APO HAIR has many wholesale customers from Brazil. They buy hundreds kilograms of hair each month from us.


Real hair extensions

How is about Chinese hair and Indian hair? Many manufactures from these two country use chemical to make the hair smooth. Chinese hair will not be tangle in the first wash however the problem is found when you use heat to make styles and hair start tangling after some washing times. Indian hair is weaker than Vietnamese human virgin hair….


Real hair extensions – Piano hair

Coming to APOHAIR, you will get the best hair which is real hair extensions. Our all hair has good quality, no nits, no lice, no chemical, no insects, Vietnamese hair free tangle … and cuticlesall in one direction…Specially, you can get wholesale price and interesting discount with free samples for checking. We collect hair from donors who have nice and good hair textures. For personal using, you will be more beautiful with our hair and many profits when you do business with APO HAIR.

Be smart and having the best choice for yourself with APOHAIR!

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