Reasons for premature greying of Vietnam Virgin hair

Date: 2018-07-09


We normally think that white Vietnam virgin hair appears only in the elderly at a certain age. Nevertheless, the fact is that young people may also have white hair. This is a nightmare for many people, especially women as white hair can make them feel unconfident. There are a lot of reasons for this common phenomena.

  1. Genes:

Premature greying of hair occurs mainly due to genetics. Hair follicle contains melanin pigment cells which are responsible for the color of your Vietnam virgin hair, eyes, and skin. Your body will stop producing melanin in the hair roots when the activity of melanin pigment is disturbed, which leads to hair color changes. If your parents or your grandparents suffered from premature greying of hair,  there is a possibility that you will, too.  The same thing may happen with your posterity.

  1. Stress:

Scientists have proven that tress causes the nerves to lose their control, which effects to the amount of nutrients supplied to your Vietnam virgin hair as well as the amount of melanin deposited in your Vietnam virgin hair. Consequently, your Vietnam virgin hair is not properly nourished. It will turn white quickly. Black hair is a manifestation of health and comfortableness. So, cultivate an attitude of happiness and a spirit of optimism to have beautiful hair.

  1. Unbalanced diet:

In modern life, many people do not have enough time to maintain a balanced diet everyday because of busy work. However, a state of inadequate nutrition may have negative effects on hair. Specifically, vitamin B12 plays an very important role in producing pigments, so vitamin B12 deficiency may be one of the reasons why your Vietnam virgin hair turns white at an early age. To supplement vitamin B12, you should eat more butter, milk, whole grains, soybeans, clams, beef liver, salmon, tuna, etc. Besides, it is necessary for you to add other vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, E, B5, riboflavin and folic acid to make your Vietnam virgin hair look more healthy and beautiful.

  1. Thyroid problems:

Thyroid disorder can result in hindering the production of hormones, which finally causes your Vietnam virgin hair turn white at a young age. Furthermore, your Vietnam virgin hair will become dry, damaged and brittle because of thyroid disorder with some signs such as tiredness, low blood pressure and hair loss. When these signs appear, you should go to the doctor for advice and treatment instead of taking medication to treat yourself.

If you are the one who are suffering from premature greying of Vietnam virgin hair, hope that this post will help you to have the best prevention and remedies.

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