Date: 2018-09-07

For Miley Cyrus, it seems that there is no hairstyle which is extreme. She is not afraid to experiment with many different hairstyles to complement her new looks. She always possesses extremely impressive hairstyles whenever appearing in public. APOHAIR will help you to have a quick look at the revolution of Miley Cyrus’s hairstyles year by year.


Although she began to act when she was a little girl, only after the successful release of “Hannah Montana”, an American musical comedy television series, did she really become famous. In the first step of her acting career, Miley Cyrus looked so young, sweet and lovely with her long curly brown hair extensions.


After the success of “Hannah Montana” in 2006, the second season of “Hannah Montana” was broadcast. Miley Cyrus’s first album was also released in this year and soon it ranked number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In 2007, Miley appeared with a long straight hairstyle which was dyed blonde, blonde highlight or dark brown. This hairstyle made her face look a little bit smaller.


2008 was a pretty successful year of Miley as she got involved in many fields such as VoiveOver, MC and composer apart from being a singer and an actress. It can be said that it is the year when Miley changed a lot of hair color, from black, light red to yellowish brown. There is a time she even had bangs. However, she was mostly associated with big curl hair extensions.


Appearing at the 2010 American Music Awards, Miley Cyrus attracted others’ attention by her layered long caramel brown hair extensions. She was even voted as star who had best hair color in this event.


Miley first wore medium hair in 2012, her hairstyle varied from vintage ombre hair to straight shoulder length hair and medium layered hair. Each medium hairstyle is a powerful transformation.

Her hair was even shorter in the same year. It turned to pixie haircut.


“We can’t stop”s singer was completely loyal to short hair in the period 2013-2015. From a lovely teenage girl with long curly hair, she changed into a completely different girl with short hair following rebellious style. The ex-Disney star spoke to the Toronto Sun in an interview in 2013 that her new haircut had changed all her life by accident.


After a long time associated with different short hairstyles, Miley has been called as “rebellious pop princess”. However, her hair was longer after reuniting with actor Liam Hemsworth, which reminded her fans of Hannah Montana. But her rebellion is still inside her.

As can be seen, Miley Cyrus has changed her hairstyle through the years to be more sexy and attractive. The revolution of her hairstyles has remarked a transformation from a former Disney starlet to a rebellious pop princess. It is undeniable that no matter what hairstyle she wears, she always leave a deep impression on others.

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