Date: 2018-09-20

Birthday is the most special day in each person life. Each month, we will gather and celebrate the birthday for the Company staffs. We believe that will bring meaningful moments and boost up our working spirit as a strong team. Apohair isn’t simply just a place for work but, in addition, is place for people to enjoy the beauty of working with others. This is a great opportunity to bond our relationship and learning about other co-workers. As a traditional celebration, we make a warm birthday party to cheer on our staffs who were born in this lovely September.

Every single month, our company celebrates birthday party for our staff. Those are the people who were born in the month. As what we have done in months before, this time we hold a little party for September-born staffs, Huong Alice, Mr. Tuyen and Trang Rose in September 19, 2018.

Before the party begins, we prepare all the things that are necessary for holding a birthday party such as candles, cakes, candies, fruits and drinks… We do it all with each other, so it is a good time being together.

When the party is going on, those who are the “main characters” of the party will make a wish. Then show their appreciation to the company and their colleagues. We eat and drink, having fun together. Sometimes, some people volunteer to sing songs to warm up the atmosphere.

Occasionally, this is also the chance that the company will inform new policies or new plans. The time we share will be the chance for everyone in the company gets to know each other. We create memories and moments with one another; which make us understand more about the others and support each other in work.

In the future, Apohair hopes to bring more benefits and values to our staffs as well as to the society that we live. We believe that with the support of our customers, we will succeed some days.

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