Sexy Bob Hairstyles from Victoria Beckham

Date: 2018-09-13

Had been a member of Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham is now becoming a queen of style. With her short hair, the singer has transformed her styles many times and each of the hairstyles suits her very well. Keep scrolling to get more hairstyle ideas from Victoria Beckham.

  1. Poker Straight Bob

If you are looking for sexy and gorgeous short hairstyle, following Victoria Beckham is a wise choice. This straight hair bob with chin length hair is predicted that it will attract anybody who has first look on it. The hairstyle is not only super sexy and stunning but also polished and natural. You can choose this hairstyle to go to any events or parties you want without too much thinking. It will be suitable for women with pale skin. Such a hairstyle that is no need too much trying but still look so much amazing!

  1. Choppy Bob

Mrs. Beckham makes us envy with her chobby bob. Her glossy, messy bob is very gorgeous and stunning with many choppy layers and the volume of short hair. Go with this style is the wispy side fringes, which makes her look more romantic. When applying this hairstyle, use hairspray to keep the flyaway hair in right place. You can completely use clip in hair as fringe to get this look like Victoria Beckham.

  1. Sleek Long Bob

This sleek long bob might take you much effort to look after it. Her shiny long bob looks very impressive and extremely beautiful. This straight hair bob becomes fashionable when it is styled off centre. Her chin length hair makes her look sexy. To keep this style last longer, use hair gel and hairspray.

  1. Edgy Bob

Victoria’s natural beauty is improved when she’s having this edgy bob hairstyle. With chin-length hair cut, she still has the sexy and stunning look. This edgy bob is super suitable for those who possess v-line face as Victoria Beckham. To have this perfect look, you can use clip in hair to make side fringes.

  1. Asymmetrical Bob

Victoria Beckham, who now works as a fashion designer, looks super modern and chic in this asymmetrical bob. Her trendy straight hair and the platinum color help to emphasize her eyebrows- which are one of her sexy features. To have this polished and glossy hair use hairspray to hold your hair in right place.

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