Date: 2018-09-09

Shudu is known as the world’s first digital supermodel created by Cameron-James Wilson, a white British fashion photographer and visual artist. Up to now, the dark-skinned model has reached 138,000 followers on Instagram while Wilson’s one has only more than 15,000 followers. As a result, in addition to the first avatar supermodel, Shudu is also called as a striking Instagram model, Shudu Gram, or IT girl, which all means she is not real. The birth of Shudu has taken the world’s fashion industry by storm via social media, especially her Instagram account. She has generated much controversy since she first appeared. Anyway, her unique beauty has attracted a  lot of attention of many fashion international enthusiast around the world.

Specifically, at the beginning of 2017, Cameron-James Wilson used a program named Daz 3D. The father of Shudu said to, “I was learning how to create 3D imagery for graphic novels and animations and I had the opportunity to create a model however I wanted. So I created the most beautiful woman I could.”. According to Wilson, the inspirations for him to create Shudu are a Barbie doll named “South African Princess”, a Kenyan actress named Lupia Nyong’o and some real skin color models including Duckie Thot.

As can be seen from the image above, Shudu is tall and slim with full lips, almond eyes, black bushy eyebrows and sexy dark skin. It can be said that the Instagram model owns all the typical beauties of Afican women.

Nevertheless, apart from perfect body measurements and an angular face, Shudu’s short virgin hair extensions are so attractive that no one can take their eyes off her. In the fashion industry, long hair is considered as an advantage because of its ability to change flexibly into different hairstyles. It does not mean that models with short hair cannot have alluring appearances.

Looking at the photo, we can feel deeply her professional mien which is extremely necessary for any model. It can be denied that her short wig plays a very important role in revealing her fierceness, her coolness and her power as well. Although short hair makes she looks a bit manly, nothing can dim her attractiveness and captivation. Everything fits perfectly together.

All in all, the picture of Shudu, the first digital supermodel, reflects Cameron-James Wilson’s crystal-clear eyes and talented brain. Shudu’s short virgin hair extensions can be given as an evidence for that short hair brings to any models.

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