Smooth curly hair care handbook for summer 2017

Date: 2017-06-26

Wet weather is considered the “enemy” of curly hair because this is the time hair is vulnerable to be damaged, tangled without proper care / So how can curly hair go through these days in a “peaceful” way?

  1. Proper shampoo

Proper hair washing is always an important principe in curly hair extensions care / Especially on drizzly days, if you put your head in the rain and do not wash immediately, dirty rain will make your hair dry. Therefore, frequent shampooing will be a way to keep your scalp and hair clean, reduce dirt and oil on your hair.


However, too much shampooing means counterproductive because the hair will be dehydrated / loses moisture. Ideally, you should only wash your hair at most three times a week and avoid rain falling on your hair.

In addition, you should choose shampoos with anti-hair loss essences without making hair oil such as grapefruit, lemon, green tea to make a shine and healthy hair. In addition, you should not use hot water to wash hair because the temperature of the water makes the hheair and scalp easily damaged, you should use cold water or warm water instead.

  1. Using conditioner, not use hair serums, lotions

On dry days, hair serums are the “magic” for soft hair, but if you use them during the day, your hair can quickly turn into catastrophe. Hair is not only easy to dust, but also sticky. This does not mean you should use only shampoo since the hair is not provided necessary humidity. Conditioner will be your sevior because it prevents your curly hair from dry.

  1. Restrict binding, dying:

Spring is not the ideal weather conditions for the spectacular change of appearance. New hair which is curled, dyed beautifully but encounters high humidity, heavy rain also easily lose shape and dull dying color. Instead, vietnam remy hair patiently waiting until May, June of early summer to style curly hair is a more reasonable choice.


  1. Drying hair till it is dry 70-80%

After shampooing, you should dry hair 70-80%, especially the hair tips. If you let hair dry naturally, your hair is not only messy, but the moisture in hair strands easy to fly under the water vapor and escape outside, causing the hair to become drier. When you dry your hair moderately, the curly hair is easy to be in order, soft and smooth.

  1. Drinking more water and supplementing vitamin

All these actions above are just to protect the “outer shell” of the curly hair extensions, while to protect the part that makes the hair really healthy from the inside, you need help from the nutrients. Hair in summer is weak and easy to tangle. This is the time you need a special hair care regime to make hair smooth and healthy.

You should supplement vitamin B to moisturize and thicken your hair by eating foods rich in vitamin B such as bananas, green beans, yogurt, eggs, cereals … or taking vitamin supplements for your body. Besides, you need to drink at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water a day to moisturize your hair from the inside.

  1. Choosing suitable hair style for rainy days

It is not a good idea to untie your curly hair on rainy days, it just makes your hair prone to be ruffled, sticky and cause the hair owner look like a sparrow that has just undergone a hurricane.


There are a lot of hairstyles for girls on rainy days like hair buns, hair brading or ponytail. These hairstyles will help you avoid inconveniences caused by your long hair on rainy days.

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