Soccer Match in April, 2017

Date: 2017-05-10

Apo company always concern about staff’s health. At weekend,we usually play sports activities.

This weekend, we play soccer. The staff will be devided into 2 teams: “Sky” and “Star”. The match is drastic between two teams. And the first goal 1-0 belong to “Star” team. The fans go through a really special weekend after watching the dramatic match between Star and Sky.


The podium like breaking up when “Sky” score a goal, help their team balance the score 1-1.

But surprisingly, the rest of time is for “Sky” team, they continually score the next 5 goals.


End of the match, such an impressive result 6-1 and “Sky” team win on the match.

We have interesting weekend after a hard-working week. Sports activities help us improve health and team spirit.


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