Date: 2017-03-02

Some scientific research has proven the benefit of soy bean for health, especially for human hair. Soy contains a lot of vegetable protein, which helps the body synthesize keratin – the foremost structure of hair and skin.


  1. Recovering the damaged hair

The living environment, the habitat, diet and process of extensions can damage your hair and making almost no elasticity, due to fall of keratin necessary. In order to make the floating hair and strong, you can use a hair mask from soy flour, or hair care products derived from soy (which contains keratin protein) to revitalize damaged hair.


  1. Thickening the hair

The residue of soybean helps to thicken thinning hair and lifeless human hair extensions. After shampooing, you should use this residue to apply on hair and massage the scalp for about 5-10 minutes and then rinse with clean water. This simple way not only is economic but also gives you healthy hair. If you are too busy, cannot use this natural therapy, you can use shampoo extracted from soybeans instead of. The hair care product extracted from soybeans would contain more than pure keratin to maximize the effect of hair care.

  1. Cleaning the scalp

Besides soy, jojoba oil will be used to clean up the scalp. With hair, jojoba oil will be used to reduce the amount of sebum secreted quickly so as not to cause congestion pores, causing dandruff or scalp fungus appearing on hair. In addition, jojoba oil is not only clean but also prevents scalp hair loss from increasing the elasticity of the hair.

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