Summer 2018: Vietnam Hair – Best Human Hair Extensions 

Date: 2018-06-05

We collect hair from healthy donors who don’t use chemicals for hair before! Hair extensions are thick, smooth and soft and can bleach and light upto light up. APO Hair will offer you the best quality and best price of Vietnamese hair. Let us know if you are interested in our hair extensions.

Many hair salons in the world see the natural hair of Vietnam as a high quality hair. That is absolutely right! APO Hair with a long experience in collecting and manufacturing hair is absolutely sure that the quality of Vietnamese hair is outstanding and superior.

Why Vietnamese hair is appreciated by many professionals? 

The fact that Vietnamese girls always pay attention to their hair care.Hair care products are mainly from natural herbs. Besides, they keep a healthy diet and regular hair care. Ethnic minority women often do not have the habit of styling or using chemicals for their hair. So their hair is very long, soft and black. There are not many countries where women have long and black hair like in Vietnam.

More importantly, Vietnamese tradition places a very important on the natural beauty.  And Vietnamese hair beauty is no exception, long and black hair is considered the norm of traditional beauty. Moreover, most Vietnamese women prefer simple and natural hairstyles.

Vietnamese girls style is minimizing styling damage such as straightening, curling, and bleaching or repeatedly colouring hair if at all possible. For this reason, APO hair can collect a large number of virgin Vietnamese hair in bulk with the best quality.

After collecting raw Vietnamese hair, APO Hair  is able to manufacture a wide range of Remy hair products including Machine Weft, Tape in, Pre-bond hair, Clips in….

This is great for girls who have a habit of using hair extensions especially this summer. There will be many options for you from textures to colors. And more importantly vietnam hair is very healthy. So Vietnamese hair is completely able to solve all the troubles that you will face this summer. Let APO hair bring you great hair. You do not hesitate anymore, Try it right!

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